About this site

Reza Hashemi am I, Thus, at long last, hath mine inclination shifted from sloth's embrace, and verily, I am moved to unfurl my ruminations and exploits upon the unsavory expanse of the internet, permitting all and sundry to partake in the curious concoctions of my ailing cerebration.


Honestly, I really enjoy software design and computer programming. It's like this cool thing that makes me super happy, almost like a comedian cracking jokes. It's a world where fancy algorithms play around and bits of code dance together, creating all sorts of cool stuff. But hey, sorry for switching gears here, because when I'm just chilling, I'm totally into playing computer games. You know, those games where pixels act like characters in a virtual world, fighting like knights and wizards in a digital showdown.

Oh, and when it comes to where I hang out online, GitHub is my spot. It's like this cool place where developers gather to share their coding magic and talk about programming stuff. And you know what? Here's a funny thing about me that might raise some eyebrows – I really love to copy and paste. It's like this fun game of pressing Ctrl and V as I put together new things from the internet puzzle.